SCAN Story: Nancy Hall

Nancy Hall, a former member of SCAN’s Board, is a retired Fairfax County teacher and former Fairfax CASA volunteer, with many personal ties to the Northern Virginia community. Having raised her family in Arlington and still residing in the county, Nancy considers the wellbeing of children and families in Northern Virginia to be of great importance. Nancy’s involvement with SCAN can be described with one word—persistence—and it began nearly 30 years ago.

During Nancy’s tenure as a Fairfax CASA volunteer, she reconnected with a former student who had transitioned into social work. Understanding the benefit of CASA through her volunteer work in Fairfax, Nancy began to consistently greet this former student by asking about the CASA program in Arlington and Alexandria. It was this student who recognized Nancy’s commitment and recruited Nancy to serve on SCAN’s Board during the infancy of SCAN’s Alexandria/Arlington CASA program.

Through the years, Nancy has witnessed the growth and appreciated the changing needs of SCAN’s programs, noting SCAN’s prevention focus as being of particular importance. A strong believer in SCAN’s mission, Nancy recognizes that most parents truly love their children and are trying to do the best by them, and that SCAN provides a safe, supportive ally, free from judgment. Her departure from the board in 2013 has not diminished her contributions. Nancy collaborated with her church to host SCAN’s 2016 Toast to Hope event and, recently and helped raise over $2,000 for SCAN through the church’s monthly Share the Plate, an event where proceeds from the Sunday offering are donated to a local charity or non-profit.

Whether spending time with her grandchildren (her favorite retirement activity), taking classes at the local community college, or watching Australian Detective shows, Nancy continues to stay busy and involved. Nancy believes there is a place at SCAN for everyone, noting the numerous types of volunteer opportunities available: CASA, children’s programming during parenting programs, translating documents, and administrative support. An advocate for getting involved in the community, Nancy encourages others to do the same:

“Sometimes in life we are surrounded by hardships, child abuse and neglect being one of them, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but even doing something small is important and has the potential to make this a better world.”