SCAN Story: Gail Ledford & Tom Hay

Gail Ledford and Tom Hay have been fundamental supporters of SCAN of Northern Virginia for over a decade. Dedicated volunteers, they have served on SCAN’s Board, actively participated in Croquet Day, sponsored Toast to Hope, donated to SCAN for Spring2ACTion, and generously contributed to SCAN anytime there has been a need.

Persuaded by SCAN’s original executive director, Susan Kirkley, Gail joined the SCAN Board in 1992 and served for 17 years–two times as President. While Gail initially viewed her government background as a barrier in linking SCAN with personal connections, she worked at being the most effective Board Member she could be, continually emphasizing fundraising and other outreach events during her time of service. Upon reflection, Gail believes that the more untraditional fundraising events were often the most memorable, such as the holiday party hosted by DC Young Professionals. In being selected as the DC Young Professional’s beneficiary, SCAN’s only responsibility was to attend and answer questions about SCAN’s mission. To Gail, this event had a positive yield as it had no overhead cost to SCAN, provided an opportunity to engage young adults about SCAN, and was an entertaining experience.

It was Gail’s prior relationship–starting with a casual conversation at a Wrigley Field baseball game as part of the 1992 International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect conference–and her ensuing marriage to Tom, that united SCAN and Tom Hay. Through his years of experience evaluating and defining outcomes for child service organizations, Tom provided an analytical perspective and wealth of child abuse and neglect knowledge to the SCAN Board during his 10 years of service from 1997 to 2007. Notably, Tom went above and beyond his duty as a board member, providing many trainings to staff and volunteers about child abuse and neglect.

Since leaving the Board, Gail and Tom have continued to be actively involved in SCAN’s success. Most recently, Gail served as a member of SCAN’s Strategic Planning Task Force, and assisted in formulating ideas and objectives for the board to consider for SCAN’s 3- to 5-year plan. Tom continues to be an active volunteer at SCAN’s Croquet Day, helping with set-up, picking up supplies, and managing games for children who attend. Though always busy, neither Gail or Tom has any intention of slowing down, maintaining their passion to help SCAN of Northern Virginia reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect throughout Northern Virginia.