Calling all creative thinkers! And parents! And, well, everyone else who wants to make a difference…

Launching a brand new Child Abuse Prevention Campaign is not an everyday occurence around here. And yes, we get pretty excited about it.

In 2009 we launched our popular Pause for a Child campaign. For three years we spread the word about how everyone could take just a moment and make a difference in a child’s life. Now we’re at it again. In 2012 – with funding from Verizon and other campaign supporters – we’ll unveil a new message to Northern Virginia. So what’s the new campaign? That’s where YOU come in!

Right now we’re in the planning phases. Lots of brainstorming and lively discussions, with feedback from a special Campaign Task Force, staff, Allies in Prevention Coalition members and parents involved in our classes and support groups.

Offer feedback. Ask questions. Tell us what you think!
We’re asking friends like YOU to take a look at some of the messages (and notes from our meetings) we’ve developed so far, then share your thoughts/ideas/comments below!

1. Family Relationships Matter
Here the focus is on the family…showcasing the importance of connections between a child and his or her family, as well as the family’s connection to the community, no matter who makes up a particular child’s family. When those relationships are healthy, the family “works”: children are nurtured, parents feel supported and the community is healthy.

2. The Little Picture
We’ve all been encouraged to look at “the bigger picture” before. But what about every “little picture” in our community? It’s these little pictures – individual children, family units, small neighborhoods – that create our very own “big picture” of a community. How we “see” our small pictures forever changes what our big community looks like for years to come.

3. Love. Time. Hope. Invest them in a child.
We are each responsible for investing in children, the future of our community. And there is more than one way to invest: spending time with our children, reaching out to parents, etc. We actually liked the simple “Invest in a child” concept, but so does the Boys & Girls Club, who currently uses that very same campaign!

4. Every child contributes to a healthy community.
Simple but true: healthy children = healthy families = healthy community

Look forward to hearing from you all!