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SCAN 2021 Fall Newsletter

The 2021 Fall edition of the SCAN Newsletter has arrived! The pandemic challenged us when our methods were limited, but these challenging times have brought us new and innovative solutions. Please join us on this journey to prevent child abuse and change the very communities we live in.

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SCAN reports more severe cases of child abuse during pandemic

VIRGINIA (FOX 5 DC) – A Northern Virginia child abuse prevention nonprofit reported a startling trend – an increase in the severity of cases. “We can do better for families, we can do better for children,” SCAN of Northern Virginia Executive Director Leah Fraley said Thursday, adding that while SCAN’s caseload has remained consistently high during the […]

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Support letter: Guaranteed Basic Income in Alexandria

Dear Alexandria City Council, SCAN of Northern Virginia stands with dozens of other community organizations in support of the Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) Pilot you can fund on July 6th. We have seen firsthand how the pandemic has rocked Alexandria’s families. GBI would bring a just moral recovery in the wake of the public health […]

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From the desk of Leah Fraley, July 2021

I once had a teacher who answered every question with the same flippant and irritated tone.  By the second week of class we knew not to ask questions – our job was to sit and listen. That’s how you got by in Dr. B’s class.  That was the established norm.  This lesson impacted me all through school.  I learned to test the waters before I spoke.  Fast forward way too many years later and […]

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