At SCAN, we have been building hope for at-risk children across Northern Virginia  for more than 30 years. This year, our commitment is no different.

Reports of child abuse and neglect have plummeted across Northern Virginia and the whole country. But make no mistake–we are not seeing a decline in abuse, but a decline in the number of children being saved from abuse.

—Leah Fraley, Executive Director
SCAN of Northern Virginia

We stand on the front lines of childhood protection.
But the reality is that none of what we do can happen without you.
So, we are asking you to join us.

We can’t

Save the Date

this year

But together

we can 

save the Day


Vulnerable children need us, and we need you.

You make our work possible.

Thank you to the team at McEnearney Associates. Committed to the prevention of child abuse, the McEnearney team has been an unfailing advocate in support of SCAN’s mission and work to improve the lives of children throughout Northern Virginia.

Won’t you join them?

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