Local Teenager Rallies Support and Raises Funds to Help SCAN

Fairfax County student Alexamarie Allen, an eighth grader at Glasgow Middle School, has a real passion to end child abuse. While researching on the internet, she came across the heart wrenching story of Kelsey Briggs, a child who died of abuse before her third birthday. “She really touched my heart” says Alexamarie, “It’s not right! I just knew I had to do something to help children like Kelsey and stop them from being hurt!”

Alexamarie and her mother contacted SCAN to learn more about how they could help in their community.

She took action by making flyers and blue ribbons (the symbol for child abuse prevention) and brought awareness to her school and to her friends. Many of her friends and teachers joined her crusade and participated in making flyers and helping to spread the word about this important cause.

With April (Child Abuse Awareness Month) as their timeframe, Alexamarie organized a fundraiser. On Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th, she and her supporters manned the corners of Sleepy Hollow Road and Kerns Road in Falls Church, Virginia, armed with their homemade posters, flyers and ribbons. The Community Service director at Glasgow Middle School, Ms. Michelle Peters, joined the group, chanting and handing out flyers alongside the teenagers. Ms. Peters has inspired Glasgow students to near 100%participation in community service. A local youth group joined in Sunday afternoon and reignited everyone’s spirits!

Their efforts were rewarded with over $500 in donations! Many thanks to the kind commuters who donated and witnessed for themselves the true compassion these young people have for the children and their families who suffer from child abuse. And of course, SCAN is grateful for Alexamarie’s inspiring work to help children in her own community.

The money raised will go to directly to support SCAN’s child abuse and neglect prevention programs.

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Alexamarie and friends
From left, Alexamarie Allen, Alexa May, Dakotah McGinlay,
Elizabeth Burr, Ethan Goldberg, Jamie Cherwek.