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Our Upcoming Events


SCAN to Host Screenings, Discussions on Film “Resilience”

April 7, 2017 — With a diverse group of community partners, SCAN is hosting a series of movie screenings of the award-winning documentary “Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope”. SCAN hopes to spark discussion with parents, community members, teachers, human service providers, doctors, and more with communities across Northern Virginia!
Everyone is welcome. To attend, you simply need to be willing to help teach your child, a family you know, or the community in which you live, how to become resilient in the face of adversity. Watch a film preview here:
The April 7th screening in Fairfax was sold-out!

To RSVP for May 16th in Alexandria
> Download a flyer for the Alexandria event HERE

To RSVP for May 23 in Loudoun
> Download a flyer for the Loudoun event HERE

To RSVP for June 7 in Manassas/Prince William
> Download a flyer for the Manassas event HERE
The film and panel discussion will teach guests that an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) score:
  • should be used as a tool to better understand family and community health needs
  • can empower a parent to make changes in their lives and for their children
  • supports the need to interrupt cycles of abuse and neglect in order to have a healthier community
  • is about teaching individuals to become resilient in the face of adversity

Learn more about ACEs on our Parent Resource Center here.

Learn more about Resiliency on our Parent Resource Center here.

SCAN Honors 2017 Allies in Prevention Award Winners

April 6, 2017 – SCAN of Northern Virginia announced the 2017 winners of its annual Allies in Prevention Awards, an annual honor given to community members for exceptional work protecting children and strengthening families in five regions of Northern Virginia. The awards were presented by SCAN and its Allies in Prevention Coalition at a luncheon to kick-off National Child Abuse Prevention Month. ABC7’s Scott Taylor emceed this year’s event, which included a keynote address by Dr. Christina Johns. Special guest Delegate Tag Greason presented the 2017 awards to:


Theodore Jones & James Moore | Alexandria

Children in Alexandria have looked to Teddy Jones and Chucky Moore as a constant source of guidance, strength and compassion for more than thirty years. Both honorees are counselors in Alexandria City Public Schools–Mr. Jones at Francis Hammond Middle School and Mr. Moore at TC Williams High School–as well as counselors at Charles Houston Recreation Center. Over three decades, they have established and supported life-changing programs such as the Peer Advisor Program; the Untouchables, a group mentoring program for young men; and Young Successful Stories, a mentoring program for minorities. Their focus on building relationships with children while also building up those children has resulted in both strong relationships with students and–ultimately–strong young citizens in the community.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Moore are able to reach youth where they are with safe, unconditional support, forming connections with students as well as their families. Parents trust them to be mentors for their children, but also look to them as role models for their own actions as adults. In fact, Mr. Jones’ and Mr. Moore’s work often leads to more positive, healthy communication between children and parents at home, a significant protective factor against child abuse and neglect.

Their nominator Noraine Buttar notes that many former students are now raising their own children and are thrilled for them to experience some of the same programs with Mr. Jones and Mr. Moore: “The fact that generations of the same families have passed through their programs and seen positive life outcomes gives testament to the work they did–and continue to do–to prevent child abuse.”

Marcella Rustioni | Arlington

Marcella Rustioni is the primary forensic interviewer for Arlington’s Children’s Advocacy Center, orCAC. In this critical role speaking to children after accusations of abuse and neglect, her work is the foundation for the investigations, prosecutions and protections that may follow. It’s also quite often the first step in healing for children and families involved in the trauma. Ms. Rustioni approaches this intense responsibility with both respect for the process and a deep care for the children she interviews. Before coming to the CAC, Ms. Rustioni was a CPS worker in North Carolina, and more recently trained as a forensic interviewer with Safe Shores, the CAC in Washington, DC.

“Our CAC team has been amazed every day for the last 12 years as we observe parents and children relax and share their painful stories for the record,” notes Rustioni’s nominator Laura Ragins, Clinical Supervisor for Arlington County Child and Family Services Division and Director of the Arlington CAC.

In addition to her direct work with victims, Ms. Rustioni devotes significant time to educating others as a faculty member and instructor for the ChildFirst Forensic Interview Training Program and as a trainer for Darkness to Light’s child sexual abuse prevention curriculum. She has written most of the Arlington CAC’s policies and protocols, enabling it to pass the National Children’s Alliance accreditation process twice to date.

“She has touched the lives of thousands of children in a profound way,” notes Ragins, “and she is extraordinarily committed to the awesome responsibility of giving these young victims a voice.”

Rustioni was not present to accept her award, but her supervisor accepted it on her behalf at an awards luncheon this month.

Nannette Bowler, Director of Fairfax County DFS | Fairfax

Nannette Bowler is the Director of the Fairfax County Department of Family Services and sits on the Board of Directors for Fairfax CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). Since coming to Fairfax County in 2008, she has led with a powerful vision that focuses on the greater community while empowering staff to recognize and engage strengths in the individual families they serve.

Ms. Bowler has worked to create an exceptional team within the Department, with members who are approachable and willing to collaborate. “There is no ‘us against them’ mentality,” notes her nominator Darcy Cunningham, Executive Director of Fairfax CASA. “Nannette embraces collaboration.” She has been pivotal in creating progressive and innovative programs within DFS including leadership academies, training new workers in cohorts, Neighborhood Networks, and the Father Engagement Program.

Before coming to Fairfax County in 2008, Bowler was chief judge of the Family Division for the 8th Judicial Circuit in Ionia County, Michigan. As head of the Michigan Family Independence Agency and a member of the governor’s Cabinet, Bowler directed 22 programs, including child welfare, juvenile delinquency, adult protective services, self-sufficiency, and disabilities. She previously served as executive director of the Chance at Childhood: Law and Social Work Initiative at Michigan State University, and was also co-founder and executive director of the Children’s Law Center and legal counsel/executive director to the Michigan lieutenant governor’s Commission on Children, which culminated in the passage of 21 bills in the house and senate involving all aspects of child welfare.

100 Women Strong | Loudoun County

In 2008, a group of concerned citizens in Loudoun County started 100WomenStrong in an effort to leverage their combined philanthropic resources to serve their most vulnerable neighbors. By 2009, the group was making its first grants to local nonprofits.

Since then, this relatively small group of women – now 30 members – has invested more than one million dollars in their community. Much of that investment has made a significant impact on child abuse prevention initiatives and programs that help to build and promote resilience in families at-risk for child abuse, health issues and homelessness.

“100WomenStrong has made a unique difference by truly understanding the importance of investing in quality services that help families build protective factors,” notes Nicole Acosta from the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter, who nominated the group. “That is what will ultimately prevent child abuse in our community.”

The organization’s goal is to reach 100 members in the near future, making it the premier philanthropic group for giving within the County. Even now, the depth and breadth of 100WomenStrong’s impact in Loudoun is clearly demonstrated by the list of programs and projects they have supported, touching the lives of hundreds if not thousands of children and families in our community every year.

Of special note are the efforts of Karen Schaufeld, notes the nominator. One of the original founders and current Chair of the organization, Karen’s vision, leadership and compassion for her Loudoun neighbors in need has been instrumental in empowering dozens of other members to embrace a renewed generosity and shared vision to impact their community.

Elizabeth Young | Prince William County

Betsy Young is the Supervisor of School Social Workers for Prince William County Schools. In 2010 she brought twenty years of experience as a substance abuse counselor, mental health therapist and social worker to lead the large group of social workers who serve the more than 90,000 students in a fast-changing, increasingly diverse school district.

“Betsy takes on new challenges with a vengeance,”notes her nominator, Jo Anne Renton with the Child Protection Partnership. “She sees roadblocks as opportunities to find new routes to solutions.”

One of those challenges presented itself in 2012, when Sex Trafficking was becoming a more urgent issue in Prince William County. In a time of tight budgets and limited staff resources, she pursued a grant to address the issue of Sex Trafficking, making PWCS the first school district in the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide a comprehensive human trafficking prevention program.

Ms. Young’s gift for identifying key partners and developing partnerships that work soon became essential. When she knew the schools couldn’t effectively run the project alone, she enrolled law enforcement and social service agencies–both public and private–to participate. Since the program began in 2013, PWCS has identified 162 students who are on the continuum of exploitation and over 440 students have requested assistance or follow-up with a Social Worker. Victims are receiving services through community partners, enabling them to continue their education.

“I don’t know what project Betsy will think of next,” notes Renton. “But I do know that the teens in Prince William County are safer and healthier because she has chosen to work in our community.”








SCAN Publishes New Report “Resilient Children, Resilient Loudoun”

April 3, 2017

The Loudoun County Partnership for Resilient Children and Families released Resilient Children, Resilient Loudoun today, a report providing a valuable overview of the current state of children and families in the county, as well as 4 key recommendations:

  1. Increase community outreach to underserved and isolated families in Loudoun County.
  2. Support parents in the difficult job of parenting.
  3. Improve and increase reporting of children in danger of abuse or neglect.
  4. Increase funding and training for Loudoun County human service providers.

“Positive childhood investments will create a healthier Loudoun,” noted Sonia Quiñónez, Executive Director of SCAN. “Prevention efforts often get pushed aside in tight financial times. But it is far less expensive to invest early in preventing crises and helping children and families become more resilient in the face of life challenges. We hope that the information presented in this report highlights some of Loudoun County’s most urgent needs and focuses our efforts to effectively support vulnerable families and prevent traumatic childhood experiences.”

Loudoun County’s population has grown by 20% since the 2010 census, and its foreign-born population now accounts for nearly a quarter of the total population.  At the same time, median household incomes are more than double the national median, yet one out of 25 school-age children in the county lives in poverty. Local schools, child protective services, mental health providers and traditional healthcare providers all reported dramatic increases in Loudoun children in need of mental health supports.

In 2016, SCAN of Northern Virginia, with support from the Northern Virginia Health Foundation (NVHF), convened a steering committee of public, private, and non-profit organizations that serve children and families in Loudoun County.  The goal was to assess the needs of vulnerable children and the resources available to support at-risk families; collaboratively develop recommendations for addressing the gaps identified; and raise awareness of how a community can best support vulnerable children and reduce long-term health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

The Partnership’s work focused on non-medical factors that significantly influence health (often known as “upstream” factors), reflecting NVHF’s statement that “most of what makes us sick has less to do with health care and far more to do with where we live, work, play, and pray.” Those involved at the beginning of the process recognized that working upstream to improve health would require a coordinated community effort to nurture families and support children who have suffered trauma, witnessed domestic violence, or have not had safe, stable home environments in which to grow and develop.

Core members of the Partnership include HealthWorks; LAWS (Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter); Loudoun Child Advocacy Center; Loudoun Department of Family Services; Loudoun Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Services; INMED; Inova Loudoun Children’s Emergency Room; Loudoun County Public Schools; the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office; and SCAN of Northern Virginia, which facilitated the Partnership as well as publication of the report.

“By working ‘upstream’ together,” adds Quiñónez, “we can all help improve health and well-being for children, their families, and Loudoun County as a whole.”

Last year, the Partnership focused on collecting data from the community through focus groups, evaluations, phone calls and research. It also hosted 3 summits to engage the greater community in discussions about child sexual abuse, ways to support and engage immigrant families, and the neurobiology of stress and trauma.

This month, in conjunction with National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April, the Partnership releases its report to inform and energize the community in its second year of work. Members will share the data and recommendations with targeted community groups, as well as host 3 more summits that will begin to address both the recommendations in the report as well as capacity building issues in the County.

To learn more or download the full report, visit



NEWS: Nominations OPEN for 2017 Ally in Prevention Awards

January 15, 2017

This April, during National Child Abuse Prevention Month, SCAN and its Allies in Prevention Coalition will host the 15th Annual Allies in Prevention Awards. Nominations are being accepted until February 10, 2017.

  • Download the official nomination form here.
  • Meet last year’s honorees here.

NEWS: SCAN Receives $5,000 Grant from RiteAid Foundation

January 12, 2017

The Rite Aid Foundation has now welcomed more than 430 charities to its KidCents program. Each of the organizations selected is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of children and will participate in the  program. Selected by Rite Aid associates and representative of the communities served by Rite Aid, each charity will receive a $5,000 KidCents grant in recognition of their efforts and participation in the KidCents program, totaling more than $1 million.

> Read more about the KidsCents Program here.


NEWS: GivingTuesday Kicks Off Year-End Giving Season!

November 29, 2016

11-29-2016-3Please Make a Year-End Gift to Support SCAN’s Child Abuse Prevention Programs: SCAN of Northern Virginia works to educate, energize and empower people to protect children in our community.  As 2016 draws to a close, please consider a year-end gift to change the lives of children and parents who need it most:

  • Your gift of $25 can provide a parent or pregnant teen enrolled in a parenting class with a Nurturing Parenting workbook, which can provide opportunities for self-reflection plus valuable reminders long after parenting class has ended.
  • Your gift of $60 can cover the printing and production costs of one CASA volunteer training manual. This training manual serves as a valuable resource for all of our CASA volunteers long after their 6 week, 32 hour training has ended.
  • Your gift of $150 can provide a pack and play with a bassinet, crib sheets and educational materials for new parents in our Operation Safe Babies program.
  • Your gift of $200 can provide the ingredients to make dinner for a parenting class (average 20 parents; 25 children). Before each parenting session, SCAN serves a family style dinner for the participant families to create community and reduce barriers to participation.


NEWS: 5th Annual Advocacy Day Empowers More Voices for Children in Northern Virginia

November 21, 2016

On November 18th, SCAN hosted its 5th Annual Speak Up for Children Advocacy Training, bringing together more than 40 elected officials, child welfare experts and community members for a day of public policy education and advocacy training.

Partners from Prevent Child Abuse Virginia and Voices for Virginia’s Children along with elected officials including Senator Jennifer Wexton and Senator Barbara Favola led discussions during the day-long, interactive workshop.  The group discussed effective advocacy tactics, legislative updates and policy priorities for the upcoming 2017 VA General Assembly session.

A central portion of the training focused on advocating for public policy relating to substance-exposed infants, as well as Erin’s Law, which requires that all public schools implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program teaching child abuse awareness, recognition and reporting for students, parents and school personnel.  The law was introduced in Virginia last year but languished in the legislature.

The training was sponsored in part by Verizon. Volunteers from Boeing supported promotion, planning and facilitation of the event. Search for social media related to the event using @SCANofNOVA #SpeakUpforChildren. Explore resources from the training here.

NEWS: Toast to Hope Raises More Than $115,000, Honors Leana Katz with 2016 Cleary Award

November 13, 2016

leanakatz_2SCAN’s 14th Annual Toast to Hope fundraiser was held on November 12th at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington’s Gallery. The event—which invited more than 200 guests to “Be Anchors for Children”—included food and beverage tastings as well as live music, a Silent Auction and a Live Auction emceed by former Alexandria Mayor Kerry Donley. The event raised more than $115,000 to support child abuse prevention programs in Northern Virginia.

At the end of the evening, SCAN presented the 2016 Cleary Award to Leana Katz, a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteer and ardent supporter of SCAN and its work in the community. Over nearly a decade of service as a CASA Volunteer, Leana has tirelessly advocated for 13 abused and neglected children across 7 families. Leana serves on SCAN’s Board Development Committee and is a founding member of SCAN’s Council of Young Professionals. She and her husband Marc are also founding sponsors of SCAN’s popular Croquet Day event each spring.

“Leana’s intimate work with at-risk children in our community motivates her generosity and leadership in strengthening our organization,” said Sonia Quiñónez, SCAN Executive Director. A mother of three, Leana has been (more…)

NEWS: SCAN and PCAV to Host Advocacy Day Training on Nov. 18

October 18, 2016

14657507_10154081313970735_7034637525329542210_nOn Friday, November 18th, SCAN will partner with Prevent Child Abuse Virginia to host our 5th Annual “Speak Up for Children” Training for Virginia Advocates. Participants will better understand the legislative process and learn how to be an effective advocate. They’ll also hear policy advocates and legislators discuss some of the key issues affecting vulnerable children and families which will be on the agenda in the upcoming Virginia General Assembly session. #speakupforchildren

Please click here to register!

Learn more about the event on Facebook here.

SCAN and PCAV to Host Advocacy Day Training on Nov. 18

SCAN will partner with Prevent Child Abuse Virginia to host our 5th Annual “Speak Up for Children” Training for Virginia Advocates.

NEWS: “Neurobiology of Trauma” Training in Loudoun on October 5th

September 13, 2016

loudounsummit_oct5soldoutTHIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT: SCAN, as part of The Loudoun Partnership for Resilient Children and Families, will present a training event on October 5th with trauma expert Dr. Chris Wilson. The event is intended for all community members, especially those who work with or interact with people who have suffered trauma, including law enforcement officers, child protective services professionals, commonwealth’s attorneys’ office staff, mental health providers, victim advocates, teachers, counselors and parents. The event is made possible with support from Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS), Loudoun Child Advocacy Center, Northern Virginia Health Foundation, Ronald McDonald Charities of Washington DC and SCAN of Northern Virginia. There is $25 registration fee for the event, which will take place from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy in Ashburn, Va.

> To be added to a wait list for the event, please contact Tracy Leonard at tleonard(at)

> Download the event flyer here.

With more than 20 years of experience in the neurobiology of trauma, vicarious trauma, victim behavior, how to be trauma informed, and group process, Dr. Chris Wilson has worked with a wide variety of audiences. Dr. Wilson is currently a trainer for the United States Army’s Special Victim Unit Investigation Course, Legal Momentum, and You Have Options Program.

“Neurobiology of Trauma” Training in Loudoun on October 5th

This Event IS SOLD OUT: SCAN, as part of The Loudoun Partner for Resilient Children and Families, will present a training event.

NEWS: SCAN to Host Nurturing Parenting Training

July 15, 2016
Join SCAN for a Nurturing Parenting Programs Three Day Seminar & Facilitator Training with Stephen J Bavolek, Ph.D., author of the Nurturing Parenting Programs®
  • Dates: August 9-11, 2016
  • Registration Deadline: Tuesday, July 26, 2016
  • Cost:  $300 per person  ($280 per person for groups of 5 or more)
  • Location:  First Christian Church of Alexandria* (new location) 2723 King St, Alexandria, VA
  • Times: 8:30 to 9:00 Sign-in (first day only)  9:00 to 4:00 training with one hour break for lunch (on your own)
Click here to see the flyer for more training details. 
Click here to register. 

NEWS: SCAN Croquet Day Raises Over $40,000 for Prevention

June 6, 2016

CroquetNews_2016Over 200 team members, families and volunteers enjoyed SCAN’s 4th Annual Croquet Day at Hensley Park this month, raising more than $40,000 for the organization’s child abuse prevention programs in Alexandria and across Northern Virginia.The tournament was led by Bob Kroeger—otherwise known as “Croquet Bob”—who was inducted into the Croquet Hall of Fame in 1999.

Presenting sponsors Dave Cleary and Marc and Leana Katz were joined by more than 30 individuals and local businesses including Access National Bank and McEnearney Associates. Food trucks were provided by District Taco and Rocklands Barbecue, while live music came courtesy of Two Blue. The “5 Ps” Team won first place in the tournament, led by Paul Davis, incoming president of SCAN’s Council of Young Professionals.

The 2016 Banker’s Cup went to (more…)

NEWS: SCAN Public Education Manager Becomes Certified Darkness to Light Instructor

May 13, 2016

D2L_PartnerLogoSCAN Public Education Manager Tracy Leonard has completed training and testing to become a certified instructor for Darkness to Light. She is now approved to train facilitators to present the Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention curriculum.  On May 12, she trained her first 7 facilitators. Since SCAN became an official Partner in Prevention with D2L, we have trained 1,129 individuals to recognize, react and respond to child sexual abuse in our communities. Tracy’s certification means an even greater capacity to change behaviors in Northern Virginia, and new energy to reach a “tipping point” in prevention. Read more about this goal in Tracy’s latest blog post here.

NEWS: Del. Mark Levine Attends Strengthening Families

May 10, 2016

13221668_10153671024090735_5060533774252913250_nVirginia Delegate Mark Levine joined parents at SCAN’s Strengthening Families program on May 10th to learn more about the challenges faced by local families, as well discuss as how legislators can be a voice for parents and children in the year ahead. SCAN’s Strengthening Families parenting class series is made possible through a grant from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth. Learn more about the grant from VFHY here.

NEWS: SCAN Honors Five with 2016 Allies in Prevention Awards

April 5, 2016

Four individuals and one local organization were honored today at SCAN’s 14th Annual Allies in Prevention Awards luncheon for their work to change the lives of children, parents and families in Northern Virginia.

ABC7’s Leon Harris, a SCAN Honorary Board member, presented the awards with SCAN Executive Director Sonia Quinonez and Keynote Speaker Dr. Avidan Milevsky. SCAN also launched a new Parent Resource Center app, funded by AT&T, at the event.

The 2016 Allies in Prevention honorees are (more…)

NEWS: SCAN Launches App for Parents with Support from AT&T

April 5, 2016

SCANApp_CardInsertIn conjunction with its Kids Need Connections campaign during National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April, SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) of Northern Virginia has launched a new app designed to make it easy for parents to connect with information on dozens of parenting topics. Thanks to a contribution from AT&T and other Public Education Program funders, the app takes content from SCAN’s well-established online Parent Resource Center and makes it available as an app for iPhone and Android users.

“SCAN does so many great things to keep Virginia’s children safe.  The new app is a tool to help give parents and caregivers more access to (more…)

NEWS: April Calendar for Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 1, 2016

TakeActionCalendar_April2016webApril is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, one of the greatest opportunities SCAN has all year long to educate the public about the impact of child abuse and the power of prevention. This year, as part of its Kids Need Connections campaign, SCAN is sharing an April calendar full of great ways individuals, organizations and child welfare professionals can take action across Northern Virginia all month long!

> Download SCAN’s Child Abuse Prevention Month Calendar

NEWS: SCAN Announces Movie Screenings in April

March 1, 2016

SCAN will host two movie screenings of Breaking the Silence as part of its 2016 Northern Virginia Child Abuse Prevention Campaign (#kidsneedconnections) during National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. Breaking the Silence is a documentary on child sexual abuse prevention that originally aired on TLC in August 2015, and was produced by our national partner Darkness to Light with support from RAINN and TLC. Please plan to join us:

  • On Tuesday, April 12 with our partners in the Child Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria, including the Center for Alexandria’s Children, Northern Virginia Family Service and the City of Alexandria. (Follow the event on Facebook here.) The screening will be held at Lee Rec Center, 1108 Jefferson St, Alexandria, VA 22314.  A 6:00 PM reception will be followed by film and discussion from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.
  • On Tuesday, April 26 with our partners from the new Loudoun County Partnership for Resilient Children and Families. (Follow the event on Facebook here.) The screening and a discussion will be held at Briar Woods High School, 22525 Belmont Ridge Rd, Ashburn, VA 20148 from 6:30 – 9:00 PM. DOWNLOAD A FLYER HERE


NEWS: Red Barn Mercantile to Host Shopping Night for SCAN

January 8, 2016

RBM_logoOld Town Alexandria’s Red Barn Mercantile will host a Shopping Night for SCAN on Thursday, February 11th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. They will donate a generous 20% of all sales to support SCAN’s child abuse prevention programs in the coming year. Learn more about the event (and spread the word!) on Facebook here.

> Download the Event Flyer.

Toast to Hope Honors Vicky Collins Foundation, Raises $80,000 for Child Abuse Prevention

ClearyAwardWEBNovember 7, 2015

SCAN’s 13th Annual Toast to Hope fundraiser, held at the United Universalist Church of Arlington on November 7th, raised more than $80,000 to support SCAN’s child abuse prevention programs. With more than 200 guests on hand, it also provided a perfect opportunity to award the 2015 Cleary Award to the Vicky Collins Charitable Foundation.

> Read coverage by here.
> See a photo gallery on Facebook here.

 During her life, Vicky Collins suffered a life-altering stroke leaving her quadriplegic; she was unable to talk, and could hear and see only with difficulty.

While recovering from her stroke, Collins became committed to the idea of using her estate to help disabled children who did not have the resources for basic human comforts, as well as adequate health care and therapy for their disabilities.

Collins set up a charitable foundation to provide help and resources for indigent and needy disabled children.

Since her death in 2003, the foundation has awarded more than $2 million in grants to help children with special needs in the Washington area.

“The impact of Vicky’s legacy lives on,” said Sonia Quinonez, SCAN’s executive director. “We are celebrating Vicky’s life and her legacy of caring for children in our community.”

The award was presented at SCAN’s 13th annual Toast to Hope fundraiser, which on Nov. 7 drew 225 people to Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington.

The event raised more than $80,000 to (more…)

NEWS: SCAN to Host Advocacy Day Training on November 17th

October 8, 2015

SCAN has announced a location for its 4th Annual Speak Up for Children Advocacy Training to be held on November 17, 2015. Attendees, special guests and elected officials will come together at the Fairfax South County Government Building for a day of education and empowerment to become better advocates for children and families in Northern Virginia.  They’ll also hear policy advocates and legislators discuss some of the key issues affecting vulnerable children and families which will be on the agenda in the upcoming Virginia General Assembly session. Christie Marra with Virginia Poverty Law Center will be leading our Advocacy 101 Session.

> Download a flyer for the event HERE.

> Register online for the event HERE.

NEWS: Tickets on Sale for Toast to Hope

October 2, 2015

TTH2015_EMAILInvitationSCAN’s 13th Annual Toast to Hope “The Sky’s the Limit!” is just five weeks away, and tickets are currently on sale here. More than 30 sponsors have signed on to support the event, which will include wine & craft beer tastings, gourmet food samplings, live music and a silent auction. The event is being held in the art gallery of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, a unique modern structure by renowned modern architect Charles Goodman, who was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe. Tickets begin at $75 per guest.

> Download an invitation to the event here.

> Purchase tickets and sponsorships here.

NEWS: SCAN Receives Three-Year Grant for Strengthening Families

September 11, 2015

healthyyouthbrochure2014_final-1The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth has awarded a three-year, $180,000 grant to SCAN of Northern Virginia to support parent education/engagement that facilitates youth tobacco use prevention in the city. SCAN of Northern Virginia, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) and Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) will work together over the next three years to provide a series of Strengthening Families trainings in ACPS schools, Risky Behavior forums for parents, and a variety of other public education and outreach events.

“We are thrilled to have this new support to educate families about more effective parenting and the role it plays in reducing risk factors, as well as directly educating students about the dangers of tobacco and drug use,” said Marisol Morales, Parent Education Program Manager at SCAN of Northern Virginia.  SCAN will lead the first Strengthening Families training at Hammond Middle School in late September.

The Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) at Alexandria Public Schools will provide access to schools and outreach to parents in the district, as well as staff support during trainings. Alexandria DCHS will be responsible for implementing community awareness initiatives that


NEWS: SCAN Trains 1,000th Adult in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

September 8, 2015

Last week, SCAN of Northern Virginia hosted a Stewards of Children training on child sexual abuse prevention. It was the 6th training SCAN offered this summer, and marked the 1,000th adult trained by SCAN in the nationally-recognized program from Darkness to Light.

Since partnering with Darkness to Light three years ago, SCAN has provided trainings for organizations across Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William, including childcare centers, faith groups, summer camps, school districts, volunteer groups, parent groups and more.  SCAN partners with the Center for Alexandria’s Children, another D2L partner, for trainings in Alexandria.

“Even though I have done 20 trainings and trained 358 adults myself, I learn something new every time,” said Tracy Leonard, SCAN’s Public Education Manager and a certified Stewards of Children facilitator. “Sometimes it is details about the survivors who are sharing their stories and sometimes it is new tips and scenarios.  There is one constant though from each training: children need to experience a safe, happy, and healthy childhood and it is an adult’s responsibility to help protect them and make it so.”

SCAN wrote a blog post about the milestone here. Local organizations interested in sponsoring a training can contact SCAN of Northern Virginia at 703-820-9001 or learn more here.

Sally Richards Joins SCAN as Director of Development

SallyRichards_SCANAugust 27, 2015

SCAN announced today that Sally Richards has accepted the position of Director of Development and will begin on September 8th. Since moving to Alexandria in 2014, Ms. Richards has been involved with grant writing and fundraising locally at Volunteer Alexandria, where she spearheaded their successful free agent fundraising during Spring2Action in April.

“I am excited to join the team at SCAN with whom I share a passion for helping protect abused and neglected children,” said Ms. Richards. “Having advocated for children as a lawyer, I now look forward to serving children in a different capacity.”

Ms. Richards volunteers with the Del Ray Business Association, Volunteer Alexandria and Before moving, she was an attorney working as a Guardian ad Litem in Ohio, where she also served on the board of Conneaut Community Foundation, Inc. and consulted for the Conneaut Historical Society. Ms. Richards graduated with a law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University and a B.A. from RIT Eisenhower College.

“SCAN looks forward to strengthening our team with the addition of Sally Richards,” said Sonia Quiñónez, SCAN’s Executive Director. “Our board of directors and program staff look forward to partnering with Sally as we seek to gather resources to support SCAN’s child abuse prevention work here in Northern Virginia.”

Read coverage of Sally’s new role on, and in the Alexandria Gazette-Packet.

NEWS: SCAN to Benefit from “Rock at the Row”

July 14, 2015

SCAN has been selected to benefit  from Pentagon Row’s outdoor summer concert series “Rock at the Row.” Returning for its 13th year,  the live music event will take place Thursdays, July 16th thru August 20th from 7-9pm. Guests can enter the VIP section for $10 a person, taste local brews (with our friends from On Tap Magazine) and sample food from some of Pentagon Row’s favorite eateries. For the second year, all proceeds from VIP admission will be donated to SCAN. SCAN volunteers will be on-site to staff the VIP section and share information about our programs. Interest in volunteering? Email to sign up for a shift today! The schedule of live music includes:

July 16 – Slippery When Wet
VIP Featuring Coastal Brewery, Sine Irish Pub & Bonefish Grill

July 23 – Kristen and The Noise
VIP Featuring O’Connor Brewing Company, Nando’s Peri Peri & Champps Americana

July 30 – White Ford Bronco
VIP Featuring South Street Brewing Company, Bonefish Grill & Noodles & Company

August 1 – Special Saturday Night Concert: The 257th Army Band, Band of of the Nation’s Capital

August 6 – The Reagan Years
VIP Featuring Devil’s Backbone Brewery, Nando’s Peri Peri & Sine Irish Pub

August 13 – The Rockets
VIP Featuring Mad Fox Brewing, Bonefish Grill & Champps Americana

August 20 – Gonzo’s Nose
VIP Featuring Star Hill Brewery, Noodles & Company, Nando’s Peri Peri & Sine Irish Pub

NEWS: Hon. Jim Moran Honored at SCAN Circle of Hope Reception

May 15, 2015

Moran withSCAN Board Member Tim and Jennifer Gale opened their home for a special reception of Circle of Hope members on May 15th, providing an ideal opportunity to introduce new friends to SCAN’s child abuse prevention programs and present Hon. Jim Moran with the 2015 Cleary Award. Rep. Moran has represented the 8th Congressional District for 23 years, serving as a committed spokesperson for the importance of child abuse prevention and as an Honorary SCAN Board Member for more than a decade. The Cleary Award was created to honor SCAN’s founder, Dave Cleary, and recognize both individuals and organizations whose dedication and commitment to children and families stand out in ways that make a positive difference in the lives of children in Northern Virginia. Dozens of guests included new Honorary Board Member Hon. Don Beyer and SCAN founder Dave Cleary.

> Explore a PHOTO GALLERY of the event on Facebook

NEWS: SCAN awarded $85,000 for Operation Safe Babies

May 11, 2015

OSB_logoREVERSECareFirst will award more than $3.1 million to seven health care organizations working to improve the health of uninsured and underinsured mothers and their babies – particularly those in the National Capital Area, where the infant mortality rate still exceeds the national average. During the next three years, SCAN will receive more than $85,000 to purchase cribs and increase safe sleep education for its Operation Safe Babies program in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax. Learn more about the new program here.

NEWS: 3rd Annual Croquet Day Scheduled for May 30th

May 5, 2015

Croquet_logoFINALOn May 30th, SCAN will host its 3rd Annual Croquet Day fundraiser. We are thrilled to announce special guests and celebrity judges include WASH-FM’s Jenni Chase, ABC7 News Anchor Scott Thuman and Senator Barbara Favola. With a focus on family-friendly fun, the day will include 2 official croquet games, prizes and awards, food trucks including District Taco, MeggRolls and Rocklands Barbecue and much more! The event will raise funds to support SCAN’s child abuse prevention programs in the coming year. Tickets can be purchased for players and spectators, and sponsorships are still available.

> Learn more about Croquet Day (including tickets and volunteer opportunities) here

NEWS: SCAN to Host Dialogue with Faith Groups & Human Services

May 1, 2015

SCANFaithSummit_FlyerAOn June 5, 2015, SCAN and its Allies in Prevention Coalition will host Mobilizing Connections to Strengthen Families: A Dialogue Between FAITH COMMUNITIES and HUMAN SERVICES. From 8:00 – 11:00 am, participants will gather at Unitarian Universalists Church in Arlington for discussion, sharing and connection-building to address the issues surrounding child abuse and family violence. The planning committee hopes to:

  1. Create awareness and learn about family stress, child abuse, and positive parenting.
  2. Spark continuing dialogue between faith communities and human services regarding family issues.
  3. Ensure participants have access to tangible strategies and resources that can be used in their own community or workplace to promote healthy families.
  4. Support continuing efforts of newly formed relationships that will work together to engage in activities to build connections for families.

To register for the event contact Tracy Leonard, SCAN Public Education Manager, at 703-820-9001 or via email at

> Download the EVENT FLYER here

> Learn more about SCAN’s resources for Faith Communities here

NEWS: SCAN Honors 2015 Allies in Prevention Award Winners

March 25, 2015

10349018_10152771540375735_7343799455530162313_nWith help from ABC7’s Leon Harris, SCAN honored five heroes for their work to prevent child abuse and support families in Northern Virginia at its 13th Annual Allies in Prevention Awards Luncheon on March 25, 2015. Honorees were selected by a task force of the Allies in Prevention Coalition from five jurisdictions across Northern Virginia and included: Jennifer Landis-Santos, a Parent & Youth Workshop Facilitator, Program Coordinator and Mental Health Therapist for Arlington County; Cheryl Keiper, Parent Education Program Supervisor for Fairfax County; Donna Fortier, Executive Director of Mobile Hope in Loudoun County; and Kristiana Poole, Victim Advocate for Quantico Marine Base’s Family Advocacy Program (FAP). In Alexandria, the honor was given in memoriam to Laurie Meyer, founding Team Leader for Alexandria’s Community Wraparound Team in the Department of Community and Human Services, who passed away in 2014. Her husband Robert Nash and daughter Rebecca Nash accepted the award on her behalf.

LaMar Henderson, MSW, LCISW, provided a passionate Keynote Address on his personal experiences with child abuse as well as his professional commitment to building life-changing connections for children. Sponsors of the event included Joe & Sara Carlin, Leana & Marc Katz, SpeedPro Imaging, Tim Stock and The Hon. George D. Varoutsos.

Learn more about the Allies in Prevention Awards — as well as more details about the 2015 honorees — on our blog here.

NEWS: SCAN to Host Sold-Out Workshop on Fathers: “Beyond Biological”

March 23, 2015

img_0399On March 25th, before its 13th Annual Allies in Prevention Awards, SCAN will host a morning workshop led by special guest LaMar Henderson, MSW, LICSW. The workshop, which is at maximum capacity, is titled: Beyond Biological: Preserving the Emotional Connection Between Fathers and their Children.” Mr. Henderson will also give the Keynote Address at the awards luncheon later in the day, where SCAN will launch its 2015 Northern Virginia Child Abuse Prevention Campaign and distribute materials from its Kids Need Connections campaign. If professionals are interested in attending a similar workshop later this year, please contact SCAN’s Public Education Manager Tracy Leonard at to express your interest.

NEWS: SCAN working with partners in Alexandria to offer FREE prevention trainings in April

PinwheelPartnerYardSign_2015alexandriaMarch 13, 2015

SCAN is working with partners at the Center for Alexandria’s Children, Northern Virginia Family Service and the City of Alexandria’s DCHS to promote awareness about child abuse prevention this April for National Child Abuse Prevention Month. In addition to helping groups plant pinwheel gardens across the area, partners will offer a series of FREE trainings meant to empower individuals to prevent child sexual abuse and recognize and respond to abuse and neglect in their own communities. Registration is REQUIRED for each of the five trainings. Download a flyer providing training details and dates here. Register online here.

NEWS: The SCAN Office has Moved!

February 27, 2015

We are in the process of moving! As of March 1, 2015, SCAN will be located at 205 S. Whiting Street, Suite 205, Alexandria, VA 22304. Our phone number has not changed (703-820-9001) but may not be answered during the move. Please bare with us during this transition. Then, come see us in our new offices! For more contact information, click here. Special thanks to the many volunteers helping during the process, and to Reputation Movers who have donated their services in memory of Carol Cleary. (Learn more about Carol Cleary’s legacy at SCAN here.)

NEWS: SCAN to Host Resiliency Training 1/29

January 5, 2015

SCAN will hold a FREE Resiliency Training and Volunteer Workshop on January 29 at First Assembly of God Church in Alexandria. Participants will receive an introduction to Resiliency Theory, overview of positive behavior management techniques, and activity ideas for teaching resiliency skills to the families with whom they work.  Guests will also learn more about volunteer opportunities with SCAN’s ABCs of Nurturing Parenting Program. Dinner will be provided; to register please contact Sarah Ford, SCAN Parent Education Intern, at or 703-820-9001. Download a flyer for the event here.

NEWS: SCAN’s Advocacy Day a Success, Offering Resources for the Year Ahead

December 29, 2014

In late November, SCAN hosted its 3rd Annual Advocacy Training through a partnership with Prevent Child Abuse Virginia. With guests from Virginia Poverty Law Center, Commonwealth Institute, Voices for Adoption and Youth for Tomorrow — as well as six local legislators including SCAN Honorary Board Member Sen. Barbara Favola — the event provided valuable training and insight for more than 50 attendees ahead of the 2015 legislative session. A complete recap of the day on social media is available here via Storify, including links to (more…)

NEWS: 2 SCAN Volunteers Inspire Giving this Holiday Season

December 10, 2014

Last year, over 200 volunteers made SCAN’s work possible. This month, two of those volunteers — who made the decision to donate money in addition to their time at SCAN — shared their thoughts on why financially supporting SCAN has become an important compliment to their volunteer work, and invited other volunteers to consider doing the same. The messages from Leana Katz and Kelly Harbitter were sent out to SCAN’s volunteer base earlier this month, and are being shared again here during our most critical fundraising season. You can download the letters from Leana and Kelly here, or continue reading (more…)

Support SCAN for #GivingTuesday on December 2nd

November 20, 2014

SCAN has joined #GivingTuesday, a worldwide effort that will harness the collective power of a unique blend of partners—charities, families, businesses and individuals—to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season. Taking place December 2, 2014 – the Tuesday after Thanksgiving – #GivingTuesday will harness the power of social media to create a national moment around the holidays dedicated to giving, similar to how Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become days that are, today, synonymous with holiday shopping.

Noted as “one of the best nonprofits in the DC region” by the Catalogue for Philanthropy this year, we’ll be accepting donations on December 2nd through their site here, where we’ll track our goal of raising $5,000 during one day of giving. We also welcome you to join our Council of Young Professionals in posting a photo to our Facebook page or Twitter feed with the hashtags #givingtuesday and #unselfie. Tell your friends about why you choose to support SCAN on #GivingTuesday!

> See more News & Events here



NEWS: Toast to Hope Raises $80,000+ for Child Abuse Prevention

October 28, 2014

IMG_6094SCAN’s 12th Annual Toast to Hope fundraiser raised more than $80,000 on Saturday, October 25th at Artisphere in Arlington. Wells Fargo, SCAN founder Dave Cleary, Joe & Sarah Carlin and Leana & Mark Katz were lead sponsors of the event. The food, wine and beer-tasting event — with a theme of “Let’s Make Childhood Magic!” — served as a celebration of SCAN’s accomplishments over the past 26 years, as well as an opportunity for guests to be a part of the magic that happens when (more…)

NEWS: Advocacy Training Day on November 18th

September 19, 2014

c&p_EnEWSiMAGEOn Tuesday, November 18th, SCAN will partner with Prevent Child Abuse Virginia to host a “Speak Up for Children” Training for Virginia Advocates. Participants will better understand the legislative process and learn how to be an effective advocate. They’ll also hear policy advocates and legislators discuss some of the key issues affecting vulnerable children and families which will be on the agenda in the upcoming Virginia General Assembly session. Legislative panelists include Senator Barker, Senator Favola, Delegate Hope, Delegate Lopez, Delegate Albo and Delegate Herring. Policy discussions will include Foster Care and Adoption,  Mental Health Resources for Virginia’s Youth and Human Trafficking. RSVP by November 11, 2014.

For more details read the flyer here.
To register, purchase the box lunch or learn more please visit:

> See more News & Events here

NEWS: SCAN to Host ‘Building Resiliency through Books’ Workshop

ChildrensStoriesatCAC_October10thSeptember 10, 2014

As a part of our Kids Need Connections child abuse prevention campaign, SCAN has designed a series entitled Children’s Stories That Build Resiliency. On October 10th, SCAN will host a workshop at the Center for Alexandria’s Children that will include an overview of resiliency in children, why it is important and how it can be built, and how to use these stories to tap into a child’s love of reading and discovery of themselves. We will be highlighting the story The Invisible String by Patrice Karst, reviewing the questions, as well as participating in two activities in which the story can be extended. Download a FLYER for the event here, or REGISTER online here.

> See more News & Events here



NEWS: Sponsorships and tickets now available for Toast to Hope 2014

July 15, 2014

PrintSCAN has set Saturday, October 25th as the date for its annual Toast to Hope fundraiser. The event — with the theme of “Make every childhood magic!” — will take place at Artisphere in Arlington, and include wine & beer tastings, gourmet cuisine and a silent auction & games for guests. Click here to learn more, explore sponsorship opportunities and purchase tickets.

> See more News & Events here

NEWS: SCAN to give Operation Safe Babies presentation on August 18th

August 6, 2014

Megan Sharma, a SCAN intern, will be presenting Operation Safe Babies at the Physician’s Conference Center at Inova Fairfax Hospital on August 18th, after her summer of research and resource development at SCAN. Download a flyer about the event here.

The goal of this initiative is to educate parents, families and caregivers about how to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome and Sudden Infant Death/Sudden Unexpected Infant Death. Megan’s presentation will begin at 10:15 AM and is intended for professionals and paraprofessionals who work closely with parents and parents-to-be. It will include research as well as open discussion about these issues and how to educate/support parents of infants. If you would like to attend, email Megan at

> See more News & Events here

NEWS: SCAN’s Croquet Day Raises More than $30,000!

June 9, 2014

On June 7th, SCAN welcome more than 200 supporters to Hensley Park in Alexandria for its 2nd Annual Croquet Day. What a success! Thanks to the generosity of sponsors — including lead sponsors AT&T and The Katz Family — the fun, family-friendly event raised $34,000 to support SCAN’s child abuse prevention programs in the coming year. Meet all of the sponsors and learn more about Croquet Day here.

> See more News & Events here

NEWS: SCAN Selected for 2014-2015 Catalogue for Philanthropy

May 31, 2014

CFP_20142015We are thrilled to announce that SCAN has been selected for the 2014-2015 Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington. The official publication — which profiles the region’s best nonprofits — will be released in November, and we are so grateful to be in such incredible company! Learn more about the publications and see the full list of selected nonprofits here.

> See more News & Events here

NEWS: One month until SCAN’s Croquet Day!

May 8, 2014

SCANCroquetDay_PrintAdMay2014Team registrations and final preparations continue as we get ready for SCAN’s Croquet Day on Saturday, June 7th. Supporters might also see our print ad in May issues of the Alexandria Sun-Gazette and Fairfax Sun-Gazette, media sponsors for this 2nd annual event. For friends who can’t attend the event, SCAN is now offering “Family Sponsorships” — a $75 donation that will allow a family from one of SCAN’s programs the chance to enjoy a fun day of family time together! Learn more about teams, tickets and sponsorships here.

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From the blog: Wear Blue Day 2014

April 14, 2014

It was just a single day, but we were overwhelmed by the amount of support and FUN we had for our first Wear Blue Day! This was a nationwide initiative established by Prevent Child Abuse America, but on a state level Prevent Child Abuse Virginia set the date for our region. We are so grateful to the dozens of individuals and organizations who participated — every person in blue signified support for prevention initiatives and reminded us of another CONNECTION for kids here in our community, a great tie-in with our new Kids Need Connections campaign.

So THANK YOU if you participated, and we hope you enjoy some of our favorite pics of the day:








NEWS: SCAN Raises $10,000 in 24 hours during Spring2Action

April 10, 2014

thankyouOn April 9th during Spring2Action — one day of incredible giving in Alexandria — hundreds of local nonprofits raised an unprecedented $1,000,000+ in 24 hours. SCAN was thrilled to be a part of the day, surpassing its own goal of $10,000 thanks to the generosity of more than 80 donors. Two “free agent fundraisers,” Chelsey Ney and Megan Tuttle worked individually in their own networks to raise more than $2,000 of the total for SCAN. Matching grants from the Bruhn Morris Foundation, Mason Hirst Foundation and SCAN’s Board of Directors also played an important role in the fundraiser’s success.

> See more News & Events here

NEWS: SCAN’s Carrie Cannon Honored by FACT of Virginia

April 9, 2014

SCAN’s CASA Program Director Carrie Cannon was honored by the Family and Children’s Trust Fund of Virginia during Prevention Child Abuse Virginia’s annual conference in Richmond. The awards recognize individuals like Carrie whose prevention, intervention and treatment efforts in the area of child abuse and neglect have shown exceptional merit. Carrie was celebrated for her work recruiting, training and supporting nearly 80 advocates in the Alexandria/Arlington CASA Program as well as managing her own caseload. During Carrie’s tenure, she also expended the program beyond Alexandria to include Arlington, and led targeted recruitment efforts to add gender and ethnic diversity to the volunteer.

Learn more about the SCAN’s Alexandria/Arlington CASA Program here.

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NEWS: Six Honored with 2014 Allies In Prevention Awards

April 1, 2014

2014AwardsWinnersSCAN and the Allies in Prevention Coalition honored six individuals for their work to prevent child abuse and protect families across Northern Virginia. The 12th Annual Allies in Prevention Awards were presented by emcee Leon Harris from ABC7, and began with a Keynote Address from Dr. Terry Morris, a NASA scientist who shared his personal experience as a child experiencing abuse, neglect and time in the foster care system.

The 2014 Allies in Prevention Award winners are Norka Antelo and Amalia Quinones from Alexandria, Dr. Heather Stowe from Arlington, Robin Hamby from Fairfax, Det. Bob Thompson from Loudoun and Gloria Washington from Prince William. Read more about the award winners here.

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NEWS: SCAN Launches ‘Kids Need Connections’ Campaign for Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 1, 2014


SCAN launched a brand new community education campaign on the first day of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Kids Need Connections (or in Spanish, Los Niños Necesitan Conexiones) is a message focused on the fact that when children have strong, healthy relationships with nurturing adults, they are more likely to be safer, stronger and happier children.

In addition to educating the public about the power of positive adult-child relationships, the campaign will work to empower all adults — from parents to neighbors to professionals — to take action to strengthen connections with the children in their lives and communities.

Follow the campaign on social media with the hashtag #kidsneedconnections

> Learn more about the Kids Need Connections Campaign

> Support the campaign during April as a Pinwheel Partner

> See more News & Events here

NEWS: Burke & Herbert Bank & SCAN Partner for Coin Drive

March 25, 2014

Burke & Herbert Bank is once again partnering with SCAN of Northern Virginia as a Pinwheel Partner during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This year they will sponsor a community-wide Coin Drive to support SCAN’s child abuse prevention programs. To participate, individuals and groups can simply collect coins and make a donation at one of nine designated branches with coin machines. (See flyer below for locations.) Be sure to let the teller know you would like your coins to go to SCAN, and Burke & Herbert will MATCH the amount up to $1,000!

A number of local high school groups have already signed on to collect coins in their communities to support child abuse prevention.

Download the Coin Drive Flyer to get a group involved in your community!

> Meet all of our 2014 Pinwheel Partners here

> See more News & Events here

NEWS: SCAN to Participate in Wear Blue Day on April 9th

March 1, 2014

SCAN will rally supporters across Northern Virginia for Wear Blue Day on April 9th during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. A nationwide initiative to show support for prevention initiatives, SCAN will also use the day to express to children how many supportive, adult connections exist for them in their community.  Participants are encourage to take photos and share them on SCAN’s Facebook Page or tweet them to @SCANOFNOVA with the #wearbluedayva.

Download the Wear Blue Day Flyer to get a group involved in your community!

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NEWS: Call for nominations for 12th Annual Allies in Prevention Awards

January 13, 2014

SCAN and its Allies in Prevention Coalition will once again honor five individuals this April during National Child Abuse Prevention Month at the 2014 Allies in Prevention Awards Luncheon. Do you know a hero working to protect children, support parents and strengthen families in our community? One honoree is selected from each of the five regions of Northern Virginia: Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William. Click HERE to earn more about the event and download a nomination form today! Nominations are due by February 10, 2014.

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NEWS: Registration open for Spring 2014 ABCs of Parenting Classes

January 8, 2014

Registration is now open for the spring class of SCAN’s ABCs of Parenting for English-speaking families. The classes will run February 6 – April 3, and take place in Alexandria. The FREE 8-week series includes a light meal and children’s program, but requires pre-registration. Registration for the ABCs of Parenting series in Spanish will begin March 24. Learn more about SCAN’s Parenting Classes (and download a flyer) HERE.

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NEWS: SCAN’s ‘Looking Forward to YEAR26’ campaign a success!

January 6, 2014

Year26_emailgraphicThanks to hundreds of generous donors, SCAN’s end-of-year giving campaign to cap off its 25th anniversary was successful. Supporters helped SCAN meet its goal of $26,000 to kick off its 26th year as an organization working to prevent child abuse and neglect in Northern Virginia. A number of donors also became members of SCAN’s new GEMs (Giving Every Month Society) during the campaign. To learn more about supporting SCAN, click here.

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NEWS: SCAN Board & Executive Director Alumni Make Special Anniversary Donation

November 6, 2013

Dozens of alumni from SCAN’s Board of Directors as well as current and former Executive Directors throughout the organization’s 25-year history made a special contribution at SCAN’s recent Toast to Hope event. In a special presentation to SCAN Founder Dave Cleary, the group presented a check for more than $25,000 to support SCAN’s child abuse prevention programs as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.


Current board members and board alumni are pictured below (more…)

NEWS: Toast to Hope Raises over $95,000 for SCAN

November 3, 2013

SCAN’s 11th Annual Toast to Hope on November 2nd broke every record in the books – more than 300 guests and over 100 volunteers, sponsors and donors helped raise over $95,000 to support SCAN’s child abuse prevention programs in the coming year. The evening included wine & beer tastings, culinary samples, fun games and a popular Silent Auction. More photos of the event can be seen on SCAN’s Facebook page here.

Facebook_announcement> See more News & Events here

NEWS: Toast to Hope Tickets Still Available

Join SCAN on November 2nd for a fun evening of silver linings and sunny skies! Tickets are still available for the popular event, which will take place at the U.S. Parent & Trademark Office in Alexandria, Va. Celebrate SCAN’s 25th anniversary with wine & beer tastings, gourmet food fun games and a silent auction! Learn more and buy your tickets here.

NEWS: The Carol Cleary Fund

October 7, 2013

One of SCAN’s most devoted supporters passed away this fall but her spirit of compassion, vision for children, and dedication to local families will live on through SCAN of Northern Virginia’s programs. Carol Cleary, wife of SCAN founder Dave Cleary, died early Sunday morning, October 6, 2013. A vibrant and energetic community member, wife, mother, and grandmother, Carol was taken from us after a 7-week battle with pancreatic cancer. Her family is comforted in some measure by having had the opportunity to share heartfelt goodbyes and knowing that Carol is now free of suffering and at peace.

A celebration of Carol’s life will be held on October 24th at The Torpedo Factory from 7:00 -9:00 PM.

> Learn more about The Carol Cleary Fund HERE

> Make a donation to The Carol Cleary Fund HERE

NEWS: Training for Child Advocates with PCAV on November 25th

On Monday, November 25th, SCAN will host its 2nd annual “Speak Up for Children” Training for Virginia Advocates. A morning workshop will cover basic information designed to demystify the legislative process and what it means to be an advocate. The knowledge and resources gained from this workshop will assist you in becoming effective advocates for families with the key decision makers at any level. Two briefings by policymakers and legislators over lunch will provide you a preview to some of the key issues affecting (more…)

NEWS: SCAN to Host Stewards of Children Training on November 13th

On November 13th, SCAN will host a Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training with Arlington’s Project PEACE. The FREE training is available through SCAN’s official partnership with Darkness to Light. SCAN invites community members to join us for an empowering training that will: (more…)

NEWS: One Month Until SCAN’s 11th Annual Toast to Hope

October 2, 2013

In one month, we’ll welcome friends, community members and local leaders for an evening to help ensure every child’s life has a silver lining! Guests at SCAN’s 11th Annual Toast to Hope will enjoy a celebration of SCAN’s 25th anniversary and an opportunity to renew their commitment to SCAN and the programs that will build hope for every child in our community for years to come. Learn more HERE or watch Sonia Quinonez’s interview on Comcast Newsmakers below:


NEWS: CWLA Publishes Link to SCAN Blog Post

September 4, 2013

The Child Welfare League of America highlighted one of SCAN’s recent blog posts on the history of child abuse prevention, “Child Abuse Prevention Grows Up — Almost,” in their monthly e-newsletter. Read the coverage here or the full blog post on our site here.

NEWS: Tickets on Sale for Toast to Hope

September 1, 2013

Sponsorships are available and tickets are now on sale for SCAN’s 11th Annual Toast to Hope on November 2nd. Click HERE to learn more.

NEWS: SCAN Launches New Website

September 1, 2013

We’re thrilled to have launched SCAN’s new website as part of our 25th anniversary celebration this year! The new site provides easier access to parenting resources, faster ways to donate and more stories about the lives we change every day. Plus we now have a responsive mobile version of the site which makes staying in touch with SCAN from your smartphone or tablet even easier!


SCAN Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA), a program of SCAN of Northern Virginia SCAN Parent Education Program (PEP), a program of SCAN of Northern Virginia
SCAN Pinwheels for Prevention Allies in Prevention Coalition, an Initiative of SCAN of Northern Virginia