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Introducing SIBLING RELATIONSHIPS & RIVALRY (200 words):

Sibling conflict and rivalry is a normal part of development, but it generates conflict that can be tough for parents to manage. How can parents respond? What are some tips on how the bond between brothers and sisters can be strengthened?

Try these TIPS to manage/limit sibling rivalry:

  • Encourage each child’s unique talents and celebrate differences; NEVER compare your children or show favoritism
  • Prioritize time alone with each child on a regular basis
  • Establish limits for conflict between siblings and be clear that violence is unacceptable
  • Give siblings special chores or projects to complete together; encourage them to help and support one another

Keep in mind that sibling fighting can be a reflection of the strength of their relationship – a deep love and passionate connection between siblings – not simply a reflection of negative feelings. Establish boundaries that call for respect, non-violence and empathy. Set ground rules for how your family members speak and listen to one another, and be sure you are getting alone time with each child so he or she can share thoughts, questions and fears with you as well.

> Download fact sheets (in English & Spanish), listen to a radio show on the topic and read more at the Sibling Relationships & Rivalry page on SCAN’s Parent Resource Center here.