Take Action to Report Child Sexual Abuse

TAKE ACTION… child sexual abuse Is a crime.

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! If you suspect a child is being sexually abused or suspect that someone is grooming a child for abuse, take action. You only need suspicion to make a report and not proof! By acting on suspicions of child sexual abuse, you may spare not only one child, but perhaps countless others.

To REPORT abuse or find support, call the VA 24-Hour Helpline at 1-800-552-7096

Download our Child Sexual Abuse Resource Lists:
> Northern Virginia Resources (English)
> Northern Virginia Resources (Spanish)


WHAT DO I DO IF A CHILD TELLS ME THEY HAVE BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSED? Children who disclose sexual abuse often tell a trusted adult other than a parent. Here are some things to keep in mind if a child discloses that they have been sexually abused.

MAKE A REPORT TO CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you are a mandated reporter, you must make a report within 24 hours of knowledge of the abuse. While in many states reports of child abuse can be made anonymously, it is helpful to the investigators to know the identity of the reporter. If you are a mandated reporter, providing your name will also document that you filed a report. The identity of the reporter is not disclosed to the abuser.