Trauma-Informed Community Networks

A Trauma-Informed Community Network — or TICN — is a diverse group of professionals, partners and community members working collaboratively to create support structures for the successful implementation of trauma-informed care initiatives across the health, human services and education systems.


SCAN is currently facilitating two local TICNs:
Loudoun Trauma-Informed Community Network (Download flyer here.)
• Trauma-Informed Community Network of Greater Prince William (Download flyer here.)


Other TICNs in Northern Virginia include:
Fairfax Trauma-Informed Community Network


The TICN undertakes a multi-disciplinary effort to improve the lives of children, youth and their families through a comprehensive system of prevention—a collaborative and integrated approach to achieve common goals.  Research has shown that a prevention-oriented approach can have a positive impact on the quality of life of citizens by reducing criminal activity, drug/alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, childhood obesity, school dropout rates, bullying, suicides and other poor outcomes.