Safe Sleep Radio Show + Updates from APP

One of the challenges parents face is the seemingly ever-changing list of recommendations and guidelines they hear about keeping their children safe. We often work with parents who are confused about new suggestions they hear about on the news, in magazines or from friends and relatives.

When it comes to sleep, we know there are some things – like placing a baby on his or her back – that are critical for providing the safest environment possible. (Our Operation Safe Babies program focuses on educating parents about these guidelines.) When the APP (American Academy of Pediactrics) recently announced new recommendations about where a baby should sleep—in a separate safety approved cribt in the room with mom for the first year —we had parents asking lots of new questions!

So, we recorded a new Parenting Today radio show with our friends at iHeartRadio on the topic, and we updated tools on our Parent Resource Center app (here) to help.