SCANning the Web: Healthy Relationships 101

Whenever we’re developing a new page for our Parent Resource Center (PRC), or chatting about an upcoming segment for our Parenting Today radio show, or considering a topic for discussion at a quarterly Allies in Prevention Coalition meeting, no matter what subject we’re talking about, it often boils down to this: Healthy Relationships.

Case in point: some of the most popular fact sheets downloaded from our online resource center this year are…

I could go on about the dozens of additional fact sheets on our PRC and how they relate to healthy relationships, but instead I’ll say this: it’s a great place to start when you’re struggling or stressed out or overwhelmed by the job of parenting.

Someone recently asked us to check out a brand new blog called Parenting on Purpose. I was touched by the blogger’s everyday examples of how a tender, nurturing relationship can be developed with a child. From the gift of a “magic rock” to help a child fall asleep, to a night of “fine dining in” cooked up by the author’s children, her ideas are not overpowering or complicated. She offers simple ways to strengthen connections with the children in our lives, which can help them build capacity to do the same with everyone they know.

So today we’re celebrating the power of Healthy Relationships in parenting, and thought we’d share some additional blogs that might help you do the same:

  • To build healthy relationships among mothers (and fathers): Momastery
    Recent thought…”It’s a place to stop making motherhood and marriage harder by pretending they’re not hard.”
  • To reach teenagers with info about healthy relationships:
    Recent thought: “By capitalizing on a moment where [the teenage athletes] knew they would be seen, this team may have reached a person who was in need. A sticker may be simple, but its impact can be large.”
  • To ponder peaceful relationships: SweetSky (formerly Mama Om)
    Recent thought…”I am pondering what a long gig this parenting thing is.”

Here’s to building healthy relationships in your life, and helping your kids do the same!

p.s. Know of any other great parenting blogs out there? Go ahead and share them in our comments section!