From the blog: SCAN’s New Site Welcomes All

Today’s guest blogger is Diane Charles, a previous Executive Director of SCAN and a member of SCAN’s 25th Anniversary Committee. We invited Diane to explore to take a sneak peek at the new site and share her thoughts on how it would change the way parents, child advocates and supporters could make an impact.

Promoting the well-being of children, improving parent-child relations and preventing child abuse and neglect is what fuels SCAN of Northern Virginia every single day through the essential services they provide.  This mission is more evident than ever when one lands on SCAN’s newly revamped website.  I was so happy to see a homepage that is immediately engaging for any visitor, thanks to four unique entry points. Knock (click!) on doors and find information, resources and services on: Child Advocacy, Parent Support, Prevention Tools and Community Resources or ways to Support SCAN.

The new design means each visitor can directly link to information most appropriate for them.  For example, click on the Parent Support portal and learn about parenting classes, support groups, workshops and playgroups. This is also the place to explore the Parent Resource Center or Parent Connection Resource Guide.  A parent can easily explore what option might be best for him or her.  The Prevention Tools and Community Resources portal unveils the variety of public education vehicles SCAN offers through their Allies in Prevention Coalition, their Parenting Today radio show, this blog, the Northern Virginia Child Abuse Prevention Campaign and the Darkness to Light Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. All of these “tools” are user friendly and accessible for human service professionals, families and volunteers to adapt to their role in prevention.

The Child Advocacy portal provides facts, statistics and how to report child abuse and neglect.  For the individual who wants to invest their time in advocating for abused children, this is also the location that explains SCAN’s Court Appointed Special Advocate Program and the commitment sought from volunteers to be an integral part of this program in Alexandria and Arlington.  The Support SCAN portal has a diverse array of opportunities for the community and individuals alike to lend their support to SCAN through everything from volunteering to making donations to participating in events.

Don’t wait until you are sitting at your computer to check out SCAN’s new website.  Your smart phone or tablet will have a very similar, easy to use and equally attractive version of SCAN’s new site.  Twenty percent of SCAN’s visitors currently visit the SCAN website from a mobile device, so this new responsive version will make it more accessible to all.

It wouldn’t be 2013 at SCAN if I didn’t mention that you can also walk down memory lane (or for those who might be new to SCAN, learn about the organization’s 25-year history) on the new site. As SCAN celebrates its 25th anniversary, visitors can explore a unique SCAN of Northern Virginia timeline of milestones over the years, watch a video from SCAN founder Dave Cleary, and read “Snapshots of Hope” to gain personal perspectives of SCAN during its quarter of a century life.

Check out the new and improved SCAN website early and often.  I’m sure you’ll be enlightened and engaged each and every time you visit. I know I have been!

– Diane Charles, SCAN 25th Anniversary Committee Member