SCANSnapshot: 14 new reasons to have hope

Last month we welcomed 14 new volunteers to our CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Program at a swearing-in ceremony by Alexandria and Arlington Juvenile Court Judges. These new volunteers have an incredibly diverse range of experiences and backgrounds that will be invaluable as they give a voice to abused and neglected children in our community. We welcome Claire Cifaloglio, Cary Cochran, Bishop Garrison, Laura Harmon, Elayne Haymes, Martha Napier, Laurie Nathan, Dorothy Ndegwa, Trish O’Connor McGill, Maribel Ramos, Julie Rizzo, Alexandra Roncal, Danielle Malek Roosa, and Joel Trosch. (And we can’t wait to work with them!)

Being a CASA volunteer is not easy. Perhaps that’s why we’re so inspired every time a new group of volunteers goes through the training and interviews and finally makes a commitment to our program. Whether a volunteer has been with us for 10 years or 10 days, they are an inspiration to us. A reason to believe that one more child will have an advocate working for their best interests every step of the way.

So welcome, new volunteers! And thank you for the hours of unselfish time and energy you have already given to the program and, most importantly, what you are now equipped to give to the children for whom you will advocate. YOU are the reason our advocacy makes an impact.