Parenting Classes

The goal of SCAN’s parenting class is to improve parenting practices as well as children’s resilience. The approach used is research-driven and evidence-based, addressing critical protective factors known to prevent child abuse/neglect and promote healthy child development. The two available bilingual curriculums used by SCAN are Strengthening Families® and the Nurturing Parenting Program® curriculum “ABCs of Parenting”.

These classes are offered free of cost in both English and Spanish. There are no residency requirements. Depending on the curriculum, classes meet one night a week for 7, 8 or 14 weeks for a 2 ½ hour period. SCAN staff and volunteers facilitate the class and provide a light dinner and childcare for all participating families. Interested parents must contact the Parent Education Coordinator, Alice Clark, to register and schedule an intake interview. Registration is required and starts one month prior to class start date.

ABCs of Parenting
The program covers topics such as child development, praise and empathy, building your child’s self-esteem, family rules, age-appropriate discipline, alternatives to spanking, and family stress management. No eligibility requirements. Class includes a family meal, childcare for children ages 0 to 4, a children’s program with yoga component for children ages 5 and older, weekly raffles and educational materials.

**The next ABCs of Parenting class is scheduled for Thursday evenings, February 1 – March 22, 2018. Please call Alice Clark, SCAN’s Parent Education Coordinator at 703-820-9001 ext. 105 to register or for more information.**

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Strengthening Families Program (SFP)
This program incorporates both national research on protective factors that have been shown to reduce child abuse and SCAN’s local experience with what topics help parents and youth feel connected to their community and discourage youth from dropping out of school. By offering skill-building exercises and dialogue opportunities at the elementary and middle school level, SCAN helps families realize they are not alone in these struggles.

  • SFP 10-14 is a 7-week evidence based program for parents and youth ages 10 to 14.  The family will learn to improve their communication skills, learn about substance abuse prevention and setting appropriate limits. Both the parent and middle school age child need to attend the class.
  • SFP 6-11 involves school age children ages 6-11 and their families. The program consists of three life skills courses – parenting skills, youth’s social/life skills, and family life skills. Families attend 14 weekly sessions, beginning with a meal, followed by separate parents and youth groups, and ending with a family group. Both the parent and elementary school age child need to attend the class.

**The next SFP 10-14 and 6-11 classes are scheduled for spring of 2018. Check back for more details.

Classes usually held in the fall and spring only. See Monthly Calendar of Events for upcoming series dates and languages.