Choosing Caregivers for Children with Special Needs

> Read the “Choosing Caregivers for Children with Special Needs” Fact Sheet (in English)
> Read the “La selección de los cuidadores de niños con necesidades especiales” Fact Sheet (in Spanish)

 12 TIPS for choosing child care when your child has a disability: 

1. Find a provider that is licensed, monitored, and follows the ADA laws for child care.
2. Visit the facility in order to observe the surroundings, other children, types of activities, and quality of care.
3. Evaluate the accessibility of the facility, relative to any specific needs of your child.
4. Get acquainted with the provider’s experience working with children who have disabilities.
5. Tell the provider what you have found “works” for your child’s needs.
6. Share your fears and concerns.
7. Ask specific questions about how staff will handle supervision, communication, or other challenges that might be concerns related to your child.
8. Look for good staff-to-child ratios to ensure an environment that promotes individual attention and care
9. Ask questions about when and how restraints, seclusion or 1-on-1 time might be used.
10. Ask about their approach/techniques for behavior management and be sure you are comfortable with it.
11. Communicate your child’s gifts and strengths as well as his or her “needs” so that the caregiver also gains an appreciation for the wonderful aspects of your child.
12. Foster a healthy relationship with your child’s provider. Mutual respect will encourage ongoing, open communication about how to best pursue success for your child.

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