Family Reunification

The separation of family members due to immigration can cause difficult and painful situations for both the immigrants and the ones who stay behind.

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Why Do People Immigrate?

  • Political Instability: War, violence
  • Economic Instability: lack of employment, inability to financially support the family
  • Education Opportunity: schooling and opportunities for their children

As they seek a better future for their family, parents often immigrate first and are forced to leave their children behind. This experience is very painful not only for the parents but also for the children.

When Parent Immigrate…


  • They generally work long hours
  • They try earning as much money as possible, so their children can immigrate too.
  • If they are undocumented, they try to legalize their immigration status.
  • They keep in touch with family members by phone or letters and send them money.
  • They generally yearn for their loved ones.


  • Children are generally looked after by grandparents or close relatives.
  • Kids are confused; they do not understand why they were abandoned.
  • Occasionally, they can be abused by the person who takes care of them.
  • They may feel sad, mad and/or resentful.

Family Reunification

After the separation process, many families manage to reunify. Successful reunification will require a deep and clear understanding of what this process means for both parents and the children. YOUR CHILD IS GOING TO NEED TIME TO ADAPT. WITH LOVE, PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING WE CAN MAKE THIS PROCESS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!