Self Care for Parents

Parents, take care of yourselves! 

• Read the “Parents, Take Care of Yourselves!” Fact Sheet in English
• Read the “Padres: ¡Cuídensen!” Fact Sheet in Spanish
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Radio Show on Self Care (mp3)

When we take time to care for ourselves, we can:
1. Lower stress levels
2. Teach our children to value their health and wellbeing
3. Be better, healthier, calmer parents

When we neglect self care, it can affect our physical health, causing issues like a weaker immune system and high blood pressure. But it can also affect our mental health, triggering things like depression and anger management issues. These issues can make it even more difficult to care for our children. If you need help to make self care happen, ask a trusted friend or relative! Parenting can be tough. It’s okay to ask for help.