Winter Safety Tips

Keep your kids SAFE this winter!

> “Keep Your Kids Safe this Winter!” Fact Sheet in English
> “Proteja a tus hijos este Invierno!” Fact Sheet in Spanish

1. Dress for the weather.

Are the kids waiting for the bus, playing outside, or going to and from the car? Make sure they are dressed warmly in several thin layers and they have gloves, hats, and boots.

2. Keep them healthy.

Cold weather does not cause colds or flu. They are caused from children being in close contact with other children in school and similar settings. Encourage your children to wash their hands throughout their day. Children 6 months of age and up should get a flu shot.

3. Monitor outside play.

Set reasonable time limits on outdoor play to prevent hypothermia, frostbite and sunburn. If your child loves to sled, ice skate, ski, snow mobile and other fun outdoor winter activities make sure that all equipment is safe, approved for the activity, helmets are worn, and that pathways and trails are clear of large obstructions like trees, fences, and rocks.

4. Protect sensitive skin.

Sunburn, even in the winter, can occur. Use sunscreen on your child’s exposed skin when they are playing outside.

Hypothermia can happen in a child when their temperature falls below normal when they have been exposed to cold temperatures and if their clothing is wet. If you suspect your child is hypothermic, call 911. Frostbite happens when the exposed skin becomes frozen. Little fingers, toes, ears, and noses are particularly susceptible. If you have properly warmed a child up and numbness still continues, call your doctor.

5. Be safe around fires. 

In the winter, many space heaters, fire places, and other means are used to keep children warm. Make sure that you have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Keep safe distances between children, space heaters, and fire places at all times. Even in the winter, practice fire drills with your children so they know what to do in case of an emergency.