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iheartradioSCAN is proud to produce Parenting Today with iHeart Radio to be a show focused on the challenges faced by today’s parents. Featuring SCAN’s executive director and expert guests from the Allies in Prevention Coalition, each show provides information, support and resources to help families deal with everything from positive discipline to anger management to family nutrition.

Parenting Today airs Sunday mornings on a variety of local iHeart Radio stations, including 98.7 WMZQ, HOT 99.5, 97.1 WASH-FM, DC101 and BIG 100.3. You can see all of the iHeart COMMUNITIES shows here.

Recent Parenting Today shows include:

New Safe Sleep Guidelines, SIDS Update
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Public Education Manager Tracy Leonard for a discussion on how to keep babies safe while sleeping, including new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and details from SCAN’s Operation Safe Babies program.

LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: New Safe Sleep Guidelines, SIDS Update

Trauma, Toxic Stress and Children
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Mary Beth Testa from Voices for Virginia’s Children about the impact of ACEs, trauma and toxic stress on children, as well as how trauma-informed care can be a critical part of helping children heal after trauma.

LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Trauma, Toxic Stress and Children

Immigrant Rights: How to Protect Your Family
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Erin McKenney, Executive Director of Just Neighbors, about the unique challenges facing immigrant families today. Listen to hear more about the important issues, realities and actions parents (and other community members) can take to help keep their children safe.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Immigrant Rights for Families

Substance Exposed Infants
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Dr. Joshua Attridge, a Neonatalogist with Children’s National Health System. Over 400,000 infants are affected by prenatal alcohol or drug exposure every year. These babies are considered “substance exposed” and they often suffer long-term effects into infancy, childhood and beyond. Listen and learn about substance exposure, how it affects infants and what we can do – as parents and community members – to help manage its devastating impact on our community.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Substance-Exposed Infants

Preventing Youth/Teen Suicide
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Wendy Gradison, President and CEO at PRS, Inc., a nonprofit providing mental health services throughout Northern Virginia and in the District of Columbia. They discuss the prevalence and causes of youth suicide, as well as critical measures for parents and community members can take to focus on prevention in Northern Virginia and beyond.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Preventing Teen Suicide

Separation Anxiety | Helping Children with Transitions
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Myra Sawyers, a Curriculum and Education Specialist with Minnieland Academy, a childcare center in Prince William County. They discuss Separation Anxiety in children, the challenges it presents — especially during transitions like back to school — and how parents can work with teachers and other professionals to best support their children as they learn to handle separation and change.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Separation Anxiety & Transitions

Choosing Childcare
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Mary Guerrant Goodwin, a Childcare Licensing Administrator from the Virginia Department of Social Services, to discuss the challenges of finding childcare as well as new online tools to help parents in Virginia.


Kids and Nature
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Tracy Hannigan, the Recreation Services Division Chief for Prince William County Parks & Recreation, for a discussion on Nature Deprivation, what happens to kids when they miss out on nature, the benefits of more time outdoors and how parents can replace “screen time” with more “green time” in our communities.


SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Ann Warshauer from Fairfax County Public Schools to discuss the power of co-parenting, a choice for unmarried or divorced parents that puts kids first while managing the realities and challenges of changing family dynamics.


Public Displays of Agression
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Tracy Leonard, SCAN’s Public Educaton Manager, about how to react when you witness a parent being aggressive or inappropriate with their child in public, including tips on what to say and what NOT to say, how to redirect attention and how to keep the child’s safety your first priority.

>  LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Harsh Interactions with Children (mp3)

The Value of Child Advocacy Centers
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Giselle Paleaz with the Center for Alexandria’s Children,  about the critical services offered at Child Advocacy Centers (or CACs), how and why CACs put children first, and an overview of CACs in our metro area.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Child Advocacy Centers (mp3)

Talking to Teens about Marijuana
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Kate McCauley, slinical social worker, parent educator and founder of The Center for Parents and Teens, about the legalization of marijuana, the real impact it can have on teens, the current laws and how to keep talking as a family about the issue.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Talking to Teens About Marijuana (mp3)

Corporal Punishment
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Bill Clark, an educator and active member of the U.S. Alliance to End the Hitting of Children, to talk about corporal punishment, research on its ineffectiveness, and how it can harm children and families.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Corporal Punishment (mp3)

The Power of Family Recreation Time
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Michael Swisher with Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth & Families and Emily Thrasher form Arlington Parks & Recreation about how families can stay healthy and connected by spending time together enjoying play, sports and other phsyical activities.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Family Recreation Time (mp3)

Helping Children in Foster Care
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Elizabeth Buchholz and and Leslie Perez from United Methodist Family Services about the state of foster care, how we can support children in the system and the new Collaborative Problem Solving approach as it applies to families involved in foster care.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Children in Foster Care (mp3)

Focus on Fathers
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Steve Gell, a parenting class facilitator in SCAN’s Parent Education Program, about the impact of fathers on children’s wellbeing, development and safer, healthier outcomes for families.

>LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Focus on Fathers (mp3)

How Faith-Based Groups and Social Services Can Work Together to Help Children and Families
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Doug Brown, Acting Program Manager for the City of Alexandria, to discuss how faith groups and social service agencies can work together to help orotect children and strengthen families.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: How Faith Groups and Social Services Can Work Togerth for Kids (mp3)

Kids in Cars
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Emily Crown, Fire Rescue of Montgomery County, about the dangers of leaving children alone in cars.


Supporting Parents of Children with Disabilities
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Piper Phillips from the Phillips Program about strategies and supports for parents of children with disabilities.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Parents of Children with Disabilities (mp3)

Volunteering with the CASA Program
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Linda Franz, a volunteer with SCAN’s Alexandria/Arlington CASA Program, about the CASA Program and its impact on children in the court system.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Volunteering with CASA in Alexandria and Arlington (mp3)

How to Sooth a Crying Baby
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Judy Martens from the Virginia Association for Infant Mental Health to discuss tips for soothing a baby, how caregivers can stay calm and SCAN’s new initiative Operation Safe Babies.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Soothing a Crying Baby (mp3)

Operation Safe Babies: Safe Sleep and Care for Newborns
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Linda Watkins from Safe Kids Fairfax City Coalition to discuss sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and related safe sleep issues for babies, as well as SCAN’s new initiative Operation Safe Babies.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Safe Sleep for Babies (mp3)

Understanding Human Trafficking in Northern Virginia

human traffickingSCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Jessica Woelkers, who works in sex trafficking prevention for Prince William County Schools. They discuss the realities of human trafficking — a modern day form of slavery — as well as its impact on children and families in Northern Virginia. They also share practical tips for staying alert and keeping children safe from the risks of trafficking.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Human Trafficking (mp3)

Supporting Immigrant Families During Reunification
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Robin Hamby with Fairfax County Public Schools’ Family & School Partnership Program. They discuss what “reunification” means, the risks involved and the dramatic impact the experience has on children. They also discuss how communities can best provide support for these families and where immigrant parents can find support.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Reunification and Immigrant Families


domestic violence_square


The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez  speaks with Nicole Acosta from LAWS, the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter. They discuss how domestic violence can impact children, even when they aren’t directly targeted by the abuser. They also cover the signs of a child living in a violent home, as well as how community members can connect with children and other victims in these situations.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Impact of Domestic Violence on Children (mp3)


Children in Foster Care
Christine Foster Care June 2014SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez  speaks with Christina Miranda, a woman who experienced the foster care system as a child and is now a representative of the Foster Care Alumni of America. They discuss how the foster care system works, its changing impact on children and why foster parents are so critical to the success of the program. They also discuss what it means to “age out” of the system (as Christina did) and how the community can better connect with and provide resources for the children and young adults in these situations.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Children in Foster Care (mp3)


Teachable Moments
Claudia Thomas Teachable Moments June 2014
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez speaks with Claudia Thomas from Fairfax County Public Schools’ Family and School Partnerships, which provides programs, resources, and services that connect families with schools and promote student success in school and in life. They discuss the definition of a “teachable moment” and why parents should understand them and use them as opportunities for connection in their parenting. Claudia also discusses how these moments are generated by the child’s interest/questions/energy, not the parents — so the can build trust, security and openness when handled in a positive, nurturing way. June 2014

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Teachable Moments (mp3)


Kids Need Connections
SCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez  speaks with Clear Channel’s Bernie Lucas to discuss the importance of positive adult connections in the lives of children, as well as their ability to prevent abuse and neglect. This show was originally taped for the kick off of SCAN’s Kids Need Connections campaign during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. April 2014

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Kids Need Connections (mp3)


Talking with Teens
DanielK_REVSCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez talks with Daniel Kefale from Change in Action, a local nonprofit that supports families through change and offers a special “Real Teens” program. They discuss what teens need from their parents for meaningful communication, and tips we can all use to open up and truly listen to the young adults in our lives. Daniel also touches on “active listening” and how it can change the family dynamic with a few simple steps.  April 2014
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Talking with Teens (mp3)


Supporting Homeless & Transient Families
Magaly Maltez ACTS March2014_REVSCAN’s Executive Director Sonia Quiñónez talks with Magaly Maltez from ACTS Turning Point, the only domestic violence intervention program serving Prince Williams County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. They discuss the prevalence of homelessness among families in Northern Virginia, as well as how the daily challenges of raising children are handled in addition to the many issues that accompany homelessness, co-habitation or transience among homes. Magaly also touches on how community members and agencies can better support children and parents in these situations. February 2014
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Supporting Children & Families Facing Homelessness (mp3)


Helping Parents & Families in the Military
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Rebecca Childress who works in the Family Advocacy Program at Quantico Marine Base. They cover the special challenges faced by military families, as well as specific resources, information and support to help them strengthen parenting skills and grow healthy, resilient families.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Supporting Children & Parents in the Military (mp3)


Building Empathy in Children
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Michael Swisher with the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth & Families. They discuss what empathy means, why it’s an important skill for children and how parents can build empathy in daily life.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Building Empathy in Children (mp3)


A Special Need for Bilingual & Male CASA Volunteers
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez hosts CASA Volunteer Craig Fifer to talk about SCAN’s Alexandria/Arlington CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate Program), with a focus on why there is a special need for bilingual and male volunteers–and the incredible impact they can make on the life of a child in the court system because of abuse and neglect.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: A Need for Bilingual & Male Volunteers in CASA (mp3)


Benefits of Yoga for Children
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Michelle Kelsy-Mitchell, co-founder and Executive Director of YoKid…Stretch Your Limits, an organization that provides yoga instruction to children around the region, including those in SCAN’s Parent Education Program. They discuss the many benefits of yoga for children and families, as well as tips on how to incorporate practice in family life.

> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Yoga for Children (mp3)


Behavior, Communication & Children
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Candace Radoski and Mary Louise Cohen, two co-facilitators of SCAN’s ABCs of Parenting classes. They discuss how parents can be more aware of our children’s behavior and cues, respond to their needs and strengthen how we communicate with and raise our children.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Behavior, Communication & Children (mp3)


Faith-Based Parent Education & Prevention
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Rev. Trisha Miller Manarin from McLean Baptist Church on the importance of faith groups being a source of support, education and resources for parents. They discuss how knowing the facts and signs of child abuse is just the first step in the prevention of child abuse, but drafting a safety plan and participating in the efforts of tackling child abuse is a continual and significant effort that needs to take place in all communities.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Faith-Based Parent Education & Prevention (mp3)


Aging out of Foster Care
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Cordelia Cranshaw, a young adult who is  transitioning out of foster care, and Cathy Bartholomew with the Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services.  They discuss the unique needs and  challenges for youth who age out of foster care and provide tips for foster parents, children and community members who can support these families.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Aging Out of Foster Care (mp3)


Sibling Dynamics & Relationships
CIMG5170_Sept2013DrMilevskyFIXEDSCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Dr. Avidan Milevsky, a well-known psychotherapist, author and professor who focuses on family issues, parenting and siblings. They discuss why the sibling relationship is so important for healthy development, and how parents can support communication an empathy between siblings while managing conflict and competition in healthy ways.>
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Sibling Dynamics (mp3)


Supporting Immigrant Parents
ParentingToday_ShirleyJones_Jan2013SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Shirley Jones from HACAN (Hispanics Against Child Abuse and Neglect) about the special challenges faced by immigrant parents and their children. They discuss how community members can support immigrant parents in their communities, preventing them from feeling isolated and connecting them to services and information.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Supporting Immigrant Parents (mp3)


Teen Parenting
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Lorraine Friedman, founder of the Dream Dog Foundation and a facilitator with SCAN’s Teen Parent Program at TC Williams High School in Alexandria. They discuss why it’s especially critical that we connect with and support the teenage parents in our community, who face a special set of challenges when raising children of their own.


Tech-Savvy Parenting
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Laurie Nathan with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about ways parents can protect their children online. They discuss tips for educating and empowering kids to make smart decisions, protect privacy and understand the impact of online bullying and harassment.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Tech-Savvy Parenting (mp3)


SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Joy Trejo, formerly with Early Childhood Programs and Family Services at the Campagna Center in Alexandria, about what it means to co-parent. They discuss how healthy co-parenting can be a way for divorced or separated parents to approach the challenges of raising children together even when struggling with their own relationship and living apart.


Boundaries & Healthy Relationships for Children
SCAN’s Sonia Quiñónez talks with Mary Ann Moran, formerly with the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth & Families, to discuss how parents can help children develop boundaries and healthy relationships. They discuss how children involved in unhealthy relationships are at risk of abuse, bullying, low self esteem and other challenges, as well as how parents can teach–and model–healthy relationships in everyday life.
> LISTEN TO PARENTING TODAY: Boundaries & Healthy Relationships (mp3)


Thanks to a grant from AT&T, SCAN developed a brand new way to share tips, resources and more with parents as they face the difficult job of raising children. You can download the MP3 files or below:

Anger Management with special guest Leon Harris [4 min 10 sec]

Children & Divorce with special guest Lori Brooks from WASH-FM [3 min 1 sec]

Pause for a Child with special guest Leon Harris [3 min 6 sec]

Positive Communication with special guest Lori Brooks from WASH-FM [3 min 36 sec]

Positive Discipline with special guest Leon Harris [3 min 31 sec]

Self Care for Parents with special guest Lori Brooks from WASH-FM [3 min 9 sec]