Donate your Car!

Your vehicle can be running or not and SCAN receives 70-80% of the net proceeds.

Our vehicle donation program is made possible through our partnership with Donate For Charity.

Just call Donate For Charity toll-free at (866) 392-4483 or donate on-line at their website:

By donating your vehicle to support SCAN of Northern Virginia:

  • The proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will help us continue to provide parenting classes and parent support groups for families in our local community; disseminate information about positive parenting and train adults in our community about child protection; and train/support Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteers who give voice to abused and neglected children as their case proceeds through the court system.
  • You receive auction sales price of your vehicle as a tax deduction, or $500, whichever is the greater amount.  The money from these sales can be the lifeblood of our charity work.

If you decide to donate your vehicle:

  • It will be picked up free of charge anywhere and you don’t have to be present.