GEM (Give Every Month) Society

Through regular and predictable donations, our sustaining donors are the pillars of SCAN’s impact, allowing our team to spend less time fundraising and more time preventing and protecting children from child abuse and neglect. Through SCAN’s GEM (give-every-month) Program, monthly donors have a collective impact that moves programs forward and allows the organization to be reactive and forward thinking.  

Top 5 Reasons to join SCAN’s GEMs:

  1. It’s easy! Just click here to donate, then choose the blue “Give Monthly” tab.
  2. Giving monthly enables you to make an impact all year long!
  3. The administration costs for SCAN are lower – which means more of your donation goes directly to SCAN’s child abuse and neglect prevention programs
  4. Donations from individuals enable SCAN to respond directly to the community’s needs – cutting through the red tape of grants!
  5. A donation every month really adds up – just $25 a month means a yearly donation of $300!

A monthly gift of ANY AMOUNT qualifies you for our GEM (Giving Every Month) society.