Meet our Volunteers

SABRINA BLACK, CASA Volunteer / Board Member

Since moving to the Washington DC area from Texas in 1988, Sabrina Black has worked as a paralegal for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Alexandria, helping to prosecute federal drug cases since 1989. Early on in this job, she saw a lot of young men and women wrapped up in the drug scene and she often wondered about their families – particularly their children. Following her mother’s example of community involvement and her own personal faith, Sabrina began looking for a way to give back to her community and help those children on the other side of the scene she saw in her daily work…MORE

DAVE CLEARY, SCAN Founder / Volunteer / Board Member

David Cleary grew up in Illinois, the youngest of 10 children. He graduated from Notre Dame and earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Iowa State. He then went to work for 3M in St. Paul, where he was active in many civic activities, including serving in the Minnesota State Legislature. Dave’s years in the Minnesota State Legislature and personal involvement with children convinced him that ensuring positive parenting and nurturing environments for children could make a dramatic difference in reducing crime, incarceration, and other community ills…MORE

CANDACE RADOSKI, Parent Education Volunteer

Candace Radoski found SCAN just a few months after her first son, Jacob, was born in 2002.  He was a very challenging infant, and Candace and her husband found that parenting him—even with the support of friends, family and one another—to be very difficult.  This led her to reflect on her own struggles, and she began to truly understand and appreciate the difficulties other families must face when parenting with fewer resources than she and her husband had been able to marshal…MORE