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If you’re an avid NPR listener or website reader, you might have noticed they’ve been covering all sorts of children’s issues these past few weeks. And if you’re the sort of person who loves a tell-all biography or juicy reality TV show, you’ll love their newest blog, The Baby Project.

The Baby Project gives readers a peek into the lives of nine diverse moms as they go through the last stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and the first few weeks with their newborns. From posts covering birth plans and scary deliveries to baby names and swollen feet, these moms don’t gloss over any of the gory details. In one of the more memorable and lighthearted posts, mom Lateefah talks about her decision to use self-hypnosis during the delivery; she wonders, “how is this baby’s head going to come out of me?” I’m already hooked on following the stories of these moms, and even the pictures of the newborns will be enough to keep you coming back for updates.

The Baby Project is part of a larger NPR series on childbirth called Beginnings. With articles on medicine, economics, traditions, and global health, Beginnings takes a look at childbirth from almost every angle you could imagine. In a fascinating “global health” segment, All Things Considered host Melissa Block travels to Mozambique to look at maternal and infant mortality rates. Another article on “culture and traditions” addresses the difficult task of naming children. Do you shake your head with frustration when you hear about people naming their children after obscure fruits? You’re not alone. “Baby name hostility” is becoming more and more common as people try to give their children unique names.

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