Safe Sleep Trainings

SCAN is pleased to be partnering with Smart Beginnings Prince William County to offer valuable Workshops on Safe Sleep to the Greater Prince William community.  The first workshop will be offered on Tuesday, February 21st at 4 pm at the Hylton Education Center at Sentara Hospital.


The FREE workshop is ideal for service providers, health care providers, parents, expecting parents, caregivers, childcare providers and anyone interested in helping spread awareness and information about safe sleep.

Tracy Leonard, SCAN’s Public Education Manager, will present the workshops using materials and information we have compiled through our Operation Safe Babies Program.  Those attending will:

  • Learn about the American Academy of Pediatrics New Safe Sleep Guidelines
  • Learn how to Reduce the Risk of SIDS and Other Sleep-Related Causes of Infant Death
  • Discuss barriers to safe sleep

If you’re interested in learning more about the trainings (or want to register), the following links will be helpful:


New Tools to Help Parents Choose Child Care


One of the hardest decisions many parents face is who will care for their child:

6 out of 10 young children in the U.S. have both parents (or their sole caregiver) in the workforce. This means that millions of families have the difficult job of exploring, choosing and paying for child care.

Parents need tools, guidance and support to make the best decision for their family:

  • Visit the new to research things like child-teacher ratio, location and licensing for centers in your community. An important part of the website is a section titled “What’s New, What’s Changing” that provides information on child care changes occurring in Virginia.
  • Listen to this new PSA from the Commonwealth to help parents understand the value of licensed, quality child care that promotes the health and safety of children.  Additional PSAs for radio and TV are being developed.
  • Our Choosing Child Care Fact Sheets help parents understand their options and important questions to ask while doing research. (Available in English and Spanish!)

If you are working with families who are in need of child care, make sure they are connected to these resources. Making educated decisions that fit within the needs of families can relieve a major stressor for parents.